A domino Joiner is a must-have for anyone who makes cabinet doors Face frames Or furniture I gathered all my cash and went to the hardware store to buy one I thought it would be about 300 bucks Wrong answer $996 dollars. I did not have $1000 to spend on a new tool. So in the spirit of this Instructable I went home and made my own. I am entering this in the contest because It fits the parameters perfectly

Step 1: Find A 1/4 " Router

Picture of Find A 1/4
I used a secondhand router because I wanted to secure mounting plate And I did not want to Install and remove my existing router. Making the joiner is simple in theory But the bit needs to be centered exactly on that wood your cutting, That way if you mess up And invert a piece It will still mate up with your other work, The rotor should be exactly 90° to the base And very securely mounted Check and recheck it must be square
Junophor1 year ago
Very good invention!!!

Yours Aeon Junophor
This looks really good. It would be good to see a video of you using it.