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Introduction: Wood Shop Projects

About: Im a senior at BRHS in Ohio, I love to build things, especially trebuchets and potato guns.

Here are just a few things I have made over the past 4 years in my woods class at school. A lot of the projects were made in under 2 hours. Unfortunately, our school uses very old machines that don't work so well so I spend most of my time on the lathe. Since its the end of school for me (graduation June 7th, 08) I have just been making whistles =]

There are about 8 or 9 other small projects that I gave out as gifts but I don't have pictures of those, sorry.

Also, most of the projects shown are made from wood I retrieved from the scrap box.



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    thats really impressive

    Wow, years later and you get featured...Grats and Nice looking work. Have you been able to use your skills since graduation?


    did u use a lathe for all of these?  im making a lantern in my art class but its a little different and i saw ur deisgn its more simplistic.  Howd u do it?

    Well done! Have you thought about doing an instructable for a basic project? You'd be a great teacher

    The dvd case and sandals are neat. Did the sandals wind up getting much use?

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    actually yes. for about a month. i wore them as a novelty at first. then i wore them around when i didnt want to put shoes on

    On the oak goblet with the natural finish, I think the wobble makes the whole piece more interesting, because it gives it a better than perfect, handmade look.

    Wow, nicely done! I loved shop class when I was in school, I even went out and bought myself an old Powermatic Lathe, unfortunately I just don't find the time to turn anything any more. Keep up the good work!

    I wish we still had shop it was recently removed because some kids stole a lot of tools from the shop and the school didn't want to buy all of the tools again nice projects by the way I love wood working

    Great job! I teach HS Industrial Technology (Shop!) and it is great to see someone with a love for it. Excellent work!

    Those are some lovely pieces, Mike! The goblets look really nice - did you find it hard to hollow out the inside nice and evenly? That's the part I had most trouble with on my bowls, although perhaps using a drier wood with a much more consistent grain might help wit that. How did you do that base on the pagoda lantern box? By the way - you may want to consider carving a bit of a profile in the top of those sandals, for arch support etc. I used to have a Swedish-made pair of sandals like that, and they were very comfortable.

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    The goblets were relatively easy to hollow out. The only problem is getting a nice curve at the bottom with out chipping from the tool being so far out from the tool rest.

    The base on the padoga lantern box was first turned into a bowl shape then I used a dove tail saw to cut the arches (which was very difficult and stressing after turning the whole thing). Then I used a drum sander to even the edges out and give them the proper curve.

    I was considering making the sandals fit to the form of my foot but it was just a small project that I made as a novelty, although I did walk around with them for a while just for fun. Maybe if I get into wood working after I get out of the Navy I will try it again because I do like the idea of making my own foot wear =]

    have you done a whistle instructable ?very nice work I like the contrast of the oak with the walnut stain

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    thank you. I got the idea for the whistles from another instructable so I figured theres already one just like it.