This is a little wood splitter that I made as a gift for my dad thal owns a cabin on the mountains, its very helpfull splitting scrap wood like boards an pieces of 2X4 for his wood stove, not really an option for hard wood or wood with a lot of knots. Veary cheap to make woth just a few tools ,you can make one in 1 day or less

Step 1: Materials

I use 2x3/16 inch X40 inch long cold rolled steel for the body and 1/4X1 X30inch for the blade maybe you want to use a better steel for this part

<p>Да это можно и самому сделать!, сложного ничего нету.</p>
<p>Я не говорю по-русски , спасибо за ваши комментарии , я понял, только немного Переводчик Google</p>
Would you be interested in selling one?<br>
<p>Maybe, if the shipment its not a problem, where are you from I'm From Mexico?</p>
You are right, shipping will probably be expensive because I live in. Northern California. 96088 zip code .<br>Thank you for your reply!<br>Have a wonderful day.
<p>I have checked in UPS and the shipment its about 130 usd its some expensive , thanks for your interest </p>
Nice job!
<p>Thanks, I'm glad you like it</p>

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