Wood Splitter





Introduction: Wood Splitter

This is a little wood splitter that I made as a gift for my dad thal owns a cabin on the mountains, its very helpfull splitting scrap wood like boards an pieces of 2X4 for his wood stove, not really an option for hard wood or wood with a lot of knots. Veary cheap to make woth just a few tools ,you can make one in 1 day or less

Step 1: Materials

I use 2x3/16 inch X40 inch long cold rolled steel for the body and 1/4X1 X30inch for the blade maybe you want to use a better steel for this part

Step 2: Toos and Process



Band saw(the best way to go but you can use a grinder or if you want a strong arm a hacksaw)




Process mark your pattern with the scribe and cut usinyour desired method really dont need to be as shar pas mine this make that the wood get stucked sometimes but it makes secure better the wood uring the splitting

Step 3: Welding and Mountig

Cut and drill the brackets to the wallmount and weld your pieces I use my milling to remove most part of the material of the blade and make a consistant edge in the blade but using a grinder its fine.

Make a hanle and assemble , Use a 3/8 grade 8 bolt as the pivot pint for the blade and a nylock nut

Sorry for my bad english its not my main language



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    Да это можно и самому сделать!, сложного ничего нету.

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    Я не говорю по-русски , спасибо за ваши комментарии , я понял, только немного Переводчик Google

    Maybe, if the shipment its not a problem, where are you from I'm From Mexico?

    You are right, shipping will probably be expensive because I live in. Northern California. 96088 zip code .
    Thank you for your reply!
    Have a wonderful day.

    I have checked in UPS and the shipment its about 130 usd its some expensive , thanks for your interest