Step 5: Installing the Chimney Pipe Adapter and Collar

Picture of Installing the Chimney Pipe Adapter and Collar
Now that the wood stove is ready, the next thing we need to do is hook the wood stove pipe to the existing class a chimney. We used a U.L. approved metalbestos chimney pipe adapter to transition from the class a chimney to the black stove pipe.  

We chose to use double wall black stove pipe for this application. The location where Dennis wanted to place his wood stove was too close to a combustible wall to use single wall stove pipe. Double wall stove pipe has to be 6" or more away from any combustible walls.  

After the chimney pipe adapter is locked into place, use a drill to insert 3 self tapping screws through the stove pipe to the chimney pipe adapter.  

Once the pipe is firmly set, locate the finishing collar. This is a black ring that will be attached to the chimney pipe adapter and the stove pipe to give a clean, professional finish.