This is one of my favorite projects yet! I flip a boring plastic TV remote into a two-toned wooden beef stick. And what did I use for a battery cover? Another remote of course! It's two remotes in one held together with magnets!

Step 1: Photograph or Scan

If you have a flatbed scanner that's the preferred way of doing this. If not a camera and some grid paper will do. You can use the grid to fix the skewing and perspective in Adobe Illustrator.

<p>Very nice idea which i would love to do. But not everyone happens to have most of that equipment. I know it doesn't mean it's impossible but does make it more difficult. The thing (which is odd) why the focusing on the half naked guys at times?</p>
<p>C&amp;C Music Factory = CNC machine</p>
<p>Beautiful ! Great work ! I'll try to do the same for one of my Ipod Classic </p>
<p>oh I'm doing this</p>
<p>Awesome looking Remote ! But basic woodworking skills. Would have liked more on programming the software and how to get access to a CNC machine.Still not trying to take away anything from this awesome remote.</p>
Great work
<p>I've never been so envious of a remote control. Beautiful work, David!</p>
<p>Thanks Donald!</p>
<p>Your best project yet David! Just came over from Izzy's live show. Love this project, keep 'em up!</p>
<p>Right on! Thanks!</p>

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