Wood Toolbox


Introduction: Wood Toolbox

This is a tool carrier I built to hold my hand tools.  The idea is that every tool has a designated spot and that nothing else fits in the box.   The design allows you to do a complete inventory of your tool box in one glance.   I look at it before I start a project to make sure I have all my tools.  When I am cleaning up I do the same.  The box stays in the back of my cargo van and the tools don’t shift around at all.  The top of the hammer is kept in place by a magnet.  The rest of the tools have a slot they fit in that is either made of wood or pvc.  I had many sizes of pvc on hand while building this to make sure each tool had a good fit.  It takes most of a day to build but it quickly returns the time through increased efficiency.




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    please do an instructable arbor

    do u have the plans to make

    I think it's genius. I would like to make one similar but I do more technician style work. Instead if Wd 40 and glue I would have my multimeter, etc. would did you use to join the wood together.

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    I just glued it and used a brad nailer. Everything had held together really well. There are so many joints because of all the peices that it is pretty locked together. I don't see any need for complected joints for something like this.

    Do you have instructions.

    Great Idea! I'm going to modify this design to build a portable makeup supplies box for my girlfriend.