Wood Towel Rack





Introduction: Wood Towel Rack

A simple, elegant and, best of all, cheap bathroom towel rack that looks great in any bathroom!

Step 1: Cut the Wood

For this project I utilized one 1X6X8'. First I cut the board to 27" (the size I needed for the location I chose). Then I cut four (4) 2" and four (4) 6" pieces of wood.

Step 2: Sand and Stain

These pieces off wood were then sanded and stained. A Honey Stain was used for this project.

Step 3: Construction

With the 4 pieces of 2" and 4 pieces of 6", I created small shelf with lips for the towels to sit on, then evenly spaced them on the board. The pieces of wood were screwed into the back of the large piece and the small lip pieces were glued on.

Step 4: Wood Towel Rack

To put your towel rack onto the wall, screw through the boards into the studs. Then place whatever you want on them for a simple, beautiful, cheap shelf.



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    Neat towel rack! I like the stain choice - using some rustic or weathered wood would be great too!

    Nice! I love the simple style. Need to make a couple of these. Thanks for sharing!