I needed a set of blocks to hold bicycle tubing in my vise. These blocks allow you to hold thin wall tubing securely without denting or marring them. 

I chose to make 7 blocks. One longer block with three different tubing sizes and 6 blocks with one tubing size each. I chose sizes based on common bicycle tubing diameters. 
I created blocks for holding these diameters of tubing:
1/2" or 12.7mm
5/8" or 15.9mm
3/4" or 19mm
7/8" or 22.2mm
1" or 25.4mm
1 1/8" or 28.6mm
1 1/4" or 31.8mm
1 3/8" or 34.9mm
1 1/2" or 38.1mm

Step 1: Materials

I chose to use a harder wood for durability. I used some maple scrap a friend had lying around. I started by planing/joining the wood in to a 3x3" plank. I then used a chop saw to cut the plank in to 6 3x3x3" cubes and one 3x4.5" rectangular piece.  
<p>Beautiful!</p><p>Muster with leather strips on top.</p>

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