Wood Turned Lamp





Introduction: Wood Turned Lamp

I've seen versions of this kind of lamp around the internet but I figured I'd give it a shot. It's made from several different varieties of wood.

Step 1: Turn Blanks

Take the blanks and put them up on the lathe. Using your various turning tools shape them to your hearts content.

Step 2: Repeat Again and Again

Repeat for each one of your different wood blanks.

Step 3: Drill Holes

The base blank needs a the hole through it like all of them but it also needs one through the side for the power cable. The rest I drilled through at different points to allow for shifting them to create an interesting form overall.

Step 4: Final Layup and Wiring

Once you have the pieces positioned the way you want them, its time to wire the whole thing up. I purchased a cord, lamp harp, and bulb kit from home depot and assembly is crazy simple.

Step 5: Enjoy Your New Lamp

Put a lamp shade on it, screw in a light bulb, plug it in, and enjoy!



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    such a good design

    This is a gorgeous bit of craft, sir! Very very very nice work.

    I totally dig this lamp! It's very creative and cool looking, not to mention you used so many different types of wood! Nice job Magicman391.

    Woods starting from the bottom are maple, elm, cherry, ambrosia maple, Purple Heart, and Birdseye maple.

    Could you tell me the types of wood you used? This is incredibly beautiful. I love the dark wood.

    I like it! It almost has a Dr. Seuss feel to it. Nice job :)

    Nice work! Good to know where to buy the parts, I have plans to turn a lamp, thanks.

    I'm pretty new to wood turning (but not wood working)! With my limited experience, I would have to cut those big blanks down into rough cylinders on a band saw before turning. Already broke one gouge.

    That's a great looking lamp - really unique :D