Introduction: Wood Turned Ring

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This ring is made out of 100% wood and was turned on a lathe.

Step 1: Cut Your Blank

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I grabbed a piece of wood I got from my friends dad he didn't know what kind it was but its nice its 1-1/8 X 1-1/8 I cut it on the bandsaw. I made it a little thicker than I needed so I could remove some material on the lathe

Step 2: Bore a Hole in Your Blank

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I grabbed a drill bit that is the inside diameter of my ring size (do this on a drill press) but at the time I lent it to the same person who game me this wood. I knocked down the corners on the bandsaw so it was a little easier on the lathe.

Step 3: Make a Jam Chuck

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I used a scrap of wood and made a jam chuck so I could mount my blank. I used a face plate so it would be secure so I wouldn't have any flying bits (only chips). I mounted my ring and added some scotch blue tape to make the fit tighter

Step 4: Finish It

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I used Wipe-On Poly to protect and finish it so I would get that natural grain raise I was looking for.


DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2017-01-08

I really like wood rings. The materials are cheap and you can stain it just about any color that you want.

Yeah I like the natural look of them

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