Step 4: Adding LEDs

Picture of Adding LEDs
The first thing I did was light up an LED and hold the veneer over it.  I used this to gauge how many LEDs I'd need for the light level I wanted.  In my case 17 was the magic number.  

Cut a strip of paper the same width and length as the channel in the bracelet.  I folded in half and half and so on to distribute my LEDs.  Mark where each one goes.  I decided to run two positive leads - one at the top and one at the bottom, and one negative/ground lead - mostly made of resistors down the center.

Use a bit of rubber cement to glue each LED face down on the template.  Check, check and check again that the polarity is correct.  These tiny LEDs don't take too much abuse so if you have to unsolder them they might not resolder and work.