video Wood YOU be mine?
Simple last minute Valentine's gift that guarantee will make your Valentine laughs :-) Well, mine did!
doo da do3 years ago
Now that is thinking (outside) the box.
Nataliescreations (author)  doo da do3 years ago
:-) Thanks!
eielofview3 years ago
Adorable and a great pun, my husband would adore it
Nataliescreations (author)  eielofview3 years ago
aww, thank you! I hope you'll make it!
rimar20003 years ago
Very interesting.

I give you an idea, without charging you anything: if you add subtitles, you will gain a lot of people like me, that can understand English when reading it, but not when hearing it. I can assure you that we are millions! Around all the world.
Nataliescreations (author)  rimar20003 years ago
Yes sir :-) I will definitely look into adding subtitles. Thank you so much for your suggestion!
Kiteman3 years ago
Kudos for the romantic puns!
Very Cute!