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Introduction: Wood and Metal Wall Art - Tin Punching

I'm totally into Arts and Craft...anything interest me. I've been looking into metal art...but not being able to weld for lack of equipment was a major drawback...being surfing for a cheap welding kit...but all the prices were way... to high for me. So this is my version :-)

Below is my metal and wood art. I used the wood part cause  ...i actually did this before the  All metal boat...https://www.instructables.com/id/All-Metal-Wall-Art-Sailing-Boats/

So i didn't think of soldering. for those of you who don't want to go the wood way...check out my boat instructable and go the soldering way.

Anyway it was a chance for me to practice my lap joints :-)

Step 1: Materials

square 1/2" wood dowels
Aluminium sheet
nail / hammer/ flat screw driver
rotary tool like dremel (optional...you could opt for the hard work and go the only nail and hammer way)
oil based wood stain
Hot glue gun or double stick tape

Step 2:

I cut 4 dowels in equal lengths of 30"
then i stacked them together and marked down from the top at 15" and 20"....let's name them A, B ,C,D.
A an B are kept  parallel together with the B being turned upside down. Perpendicular to A and B  place C and D in the same order.
Move the sticks apart so that the 15" and 20" mark intersect each other  and form a square...check the picture.
Mark the the width of the dowels in order to cut half lap joints.
cut the half lap joints and connect them...don't glue. now randomly place sticks here and there...
check if  symmetric....or if it's aesthetically  pleasing for you or aesthetically appalling to you :-D  haha
once you are happy ....mark all joints for half lap joints.
cut and glue the joints...my joints were not perfect...so i also used staplers at the back to hold it firm till the glue dried. later i filled up the gaps with filler.
Now  paint it black.
Done....if you like it just this way...with nothing fancy....if you want something more....read on partner.


Step 3: Tin Punching

Step 4: Assembling

You may hot glue the shapes or use double stick tape....either way is fine.
now...after doing this...i felt something was missing....hmmm.....mirrors??
ya....i thought that was needed....i used double stick tape and glued the mirrors too...
hmmm much better!

Another thought....if you have the skills and time...why not add led lights behind each tin punched design? that would really light things up!

By the way... i have added this to 3 contests.
metal contest
woodworking contest and
make it real.

so please....if you like it...don't forget to rate and vote.
Now please let me see what you do to your empty walls!



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    hi Shazni,

    I joined Instructables just to learn how to make your beautiful project. However, I can't access the Word document called Tin Punching. I get an "Access Forbidden by Administrator" message. Could you add that critical information in the steps so we can learn about tin punching? Many thanks, JulieLovejoy

    I'm honored that my project has inspired you! You need to be a pro member to download files. Check your inbox :-)

    Please post a picture of what you do. Would love to see it!


    Most welcome. Kindly share your more work to me if possible.

    Fabulous. Love it! Can't wait to try this.

    Thanks! would love to see what you come up with :-)

    I need to post some of my metal art adventures. It took a lot of money and hard work to aquire my tools and equipment so I do sympathies.

    Love to see your stuff. Perhaps you can post some pictures???

    This is incredible - I absolutely LOVE it...love love love it!