This project will make a leash that will make YOU the envy of everyone in the dog park.

Step 1: Wood & Rope Dog Leash

Tools you will need:

Drill with 1/8" and 1/2" drill bits

Half round file


Sandpaper & Steel Wool

Your preferred wood finish.

Materials you will need:

1"x1"x5" piece of wood, pen turning blanks often come 1x1 and can be cut to size, they also provide a variety of beautiful wood options.

10mm (3/8") 3-strand rope (I use hemp rope from a bondage company to ensure softness)

Waxed twine

Clip for attaching to a dog collar

Great idea. I just happen to be in need of a leash for our dog! I love your spin on it. I think I'll try to make one like this one but with a looped handle without using wood.
<p>Such a clever, beautifully done project! Bookmarking it for when I can finally have a puppy of my own :)</p>
<p>oh yea, let's see a picture of the leash in action with your doggie.</p>
<p>very nice, I always wanted to know how to splice rope.</p>
<p>Well written. I've been thinking of finding the perfect size leashes for my two dogs of different sizes. No excuse now for not making my own. Thank you</p>

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Bio: I like designing things, but don't like making more than one.
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