video Wood and concrete headphones
Just a quick project using the drivers from a broken set of Sony MDR-570LP headphones. 
I have been reading about the excellent sound quality that using wood in the construction of headphones. I have also recently read an article about people making things from concrete, like speakers. This project combines both wood and concrete to form the housing for the headphone drivers.
The sound is crisp with a good range. I noticed a difference when playing live music through these so I think the materials have made a difference to the original quality of these drivers.

bmiller9111 months ago

So how did they hold up? Definitely interesting build but would love to see resulting frequency response curve.

arjunmenon1 year ago

woudnt it break

staida1 year ago

Some concrete fillers are flexible when set (not that you'd notice with your hands, they seem extremely hard like concrete but since they are flexible they are less likely to crack or crumble) and I've been wondering how much of the stuff you could mix up at a time to make certain shapes for dyi projects. Love to see people using concrete. It's a wonderful material and I'm starting to see more and more of it here on instructables.

Wouldnt that be heavy
alatham12 years ago
If you have an orbital sander it might work to get those bubbles out. Cheers!
workislove2 years ago
Very different, never would have thought of using concrete. Good work!
ThisIsHoof2 years ago
Where can I get concrete like that?
andrew mcneil (author)  ThisIsHoof2 years ago
its a cement based exterior filler.it does not shrink or crack and sets very hard.
sirfroggz2 years ago
Fantastic build. You should post these on head-fi.org