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This bird cage that I made with my dad is quality made seperates in half and has wheels for moving it plus it has a tray that comes out for easy cleaning.


midgard83 (author)2015-08-31

Bit more detail about this please, it looks great and my mom's birds would love the all that space.

For example : some more pics of the joints, and details as to how you made it all : just nails, any joinery (what type of joints did you use, if any) , what tools, what materials.

It'd be great if you could update this one with all those.

zucchero (author)2010-11-22

Please check the cage frequently for parasites. They tend to breed much more in wooden cages. Plenty of room to hide.

rickharris (author)2010-11-17
Neat and good looking -

I have checked everywhere - but unable to find a seller for wooden birds! :-0

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