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Introduction: Wood Box

Make a wood box

Step 1: Preparation

Select a suitable wood for box, I used walnut wood.

Step 2: Remove the Wood for Box

Use proper tool to remove wood.

Step 3: Make the Box Cover

Use proper tools to make the box cover

Step 4: Clean and Make Detail

Use sand paper to process the box surface.



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    You did it the hard way. But the result is beautiful.

    Hi, i'm doing this as a project soon and I need to know the tools that were used to create the box. Can anyone help with the list of tools???

    ~~Thank you ^^

    Curious what you used to make the grooves where the box & lid fit together.

    Hey there! i love the box, it's beautiful! anyway you could go back and list the tools that you used in the creation process?!

    1 reply

    thanks,I will do that.


    you've made it so good that people may start to make that for business.

    Hi,it is my first time to submit a project, for the Fandom contest, it is a mistake:) thanks for you hint.

    Wow, the final result looks absolutely amazing! How long did it take you to make this?

    1 reply

    thanks,I spent a weekend to finish it