Wood Carved Computer Case


Introduction: Wood Carved Computer Case

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Here is a project I have been working on the last 3 weeks. I have carved a computer out of MDF, stained it with my own mix of acrylic paint and linseed oil then finished off with a varnish. I hope you enjoy.



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    Beautiful book what thickness and type of mdf you use for carving?

    Its a very neat case, but not much of an instructable.

    thaks for the compliment, glad you like it.

    Very nice.

    Next time you make something like this, take photos as you work through it, and post a step-by-step instructable - case mods are quite popular.

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    Thank's, I have actually taken pictures of the case throughout so I will put up a step by step guide.

    Hi there,
    This case looks awesome! I can't believe its mdf.... would you share the technique you used to finish it?

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    Thank's, to finish the work, I use acrylic paint that artists use and apply it over the MDF face quite roughly. Then I pour boiled linseed oil over the surface and mix it all in so I can get the paint into all the nooks and crannys. After it is dry, I used a matte varnish to finish it off. I will put up a work log so you can see how I do it later today.