Wood iPhone case made with just Adobe Illustrator, Vcarve, and a Shopbot/CNC router

made at TechShop Chandler, www.techshop.ws

Step 1: Making the Vectors

Go onto the Apple website and find the technical drawing to which model you want to design your iPhone case for

https://developer.apple.com/resources/cases/ click the top .pdf and scroll until you find the right one.

After I got all of the measurements from the drawing I simply went into illustrator and went to the rounded rectangle tool and clicked on the screen to input the measurements. I believe for the 4S I used 9mm rounded corners.

After I had the initial shape I located the buttons around the side of my phone and decided how big of a gap I wanted to leave on the side for them. All I did to do this was make a rectangle, input the dimensions like the rounded rectangle, laid it over the initial rounded rectangle vector in the appropriate place and went to the pathfinder menu > unite

I then made the shape for the camera, and 2 more vectors scaled very slightly than the original rounded rectangle to create toolpaths, and to cut out the case.
<p>Can you put a file with VCarve?</p>
<p>Very nice instructable. Would you be willing to upload the gcode you used? </p><p>Thanks! :-)</p>
<p>hello</p><p>I thought it was a cool project and would also like to make my iphone 4s him I'd maybe the drawing may? </p><p>sorry my english is not so good </p><p>steph</p>
<p>Much wow. Very amazed. Great tutorial!</p>

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