Introduction: Wood IPod Stand

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Step 1: Materials

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-saw -wood -drill -wire cutters -drill bit

Step 2: Wood

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Choose your wood.i just used scrap wood.

Step 3: Cut

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Cut 2 pieces of wood about 6 inches long

Step 4: Cut 2

Picture of Cut 2

Cut an angle on your pieces to the distance between them u want

Step 5: Drill

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Next drill in the sides to make a spot for the third leg

Step 6: 3rd Leg

Picture of 3rd Leg

Cut third leg similar to the other 2 legs .(one next to screw in picture)

Step 7: Drill

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Line up 3rd leg between first 2 and continue the drill hole threw it

Step 8: Nail

Picture of Nail

Put a nail to fit snugly in the holes

Step 9: Trim

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Trim off the extra nail

Step 10: Lastly

Picture of Lastly

Nail bottom board to set iPod on


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