This project was born out of necessity and a serious case of cabin fever. I have recently sold all of my furniture in preparation for a mobile lifestyle. My biggest hack yet! I had figured a nice wooden tray and stand could be a useful item to have. So I rummaged through what was left in the house, found some wood, and sat down to come up with this tray. 

I have no table saw, band saw or any other shop type equipment. All the tools I used I can carry in my 5th wheel. Any handy man is likely to have them.  The materials I have used are whatever I found remaining in the house. That being said, the laminated press board I used to make the tray with is probably not the best material since the edges will not be that pretty (unless you know how to laminate the edges). Some extra work was required of me since I made many of the pieces that could otherwise be purchased. found, or cut using better techniques or equipment.

Experienced wood workers, please feel free to leave comments. I'm sure there is a lot I could learn!

If I could make this with hand held tools, scrap material and limited experience, anyone should be able to do this project.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

Safety gear:
Safety glasses
Dust mask
Ear plugs
Rubber gloves

Drafting compass
Yard stick or tape measure
45 degree angle

Circular saw (Depending on the materials you have, you might not need this)
Wood plane
Jig saw
Hand held saw
Hack saw
Drill and wood bits
Sand paper
Screwdriver and wrench

Sewing machine (optional - to make straps)

Wood glue
Wood putty
silicon putty (optional)

This is really flexible. Adapt your tray and stand to whatever materials you want to use or have available.
I used whatever I could find.
I used a piece of laminated press board because that is the only flat piece  I had.
I made lengths of wood with dimensions of 1/2 X 3/4 inches for the lip of the tray
I made lengths of wood with dimensions of 3/4 X 3/4 inches for the feet of the tray
I made lengths of wood with dimensions 1 X 1 1/2 inches for the legs.
Two 1 1/2 X 1 1/2 inch lengths of wood for the cross braces (This is preferable to the dowel I used)
1/2 X 5 inch length of board for a brace
3/8th inch wide lengths of wood cut off of a 2 by 4 (also for brace)
2 bolts
6 washers
2 lock washers
2 nuts
metal tube that fits over bolt. (I used part of a curtain rod)
straps or rope
<p>very nice! And it looks lovely, especially considering the constraints you built it under.</p>
<p>Thank you. I was surprised, it turned out a lot better than I expected. It just took a lot longer with the tools I was using. </p>

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