Wood Stabilizing on a Budget


Introduction: Wood Stabilizing on a Budget

Being on a very tight budget, i though of a way to stabilize small
pieces of wood.

Step 1: Lets Try This

I bought one of these cheap wine bottle vacuum pumps and found an old Consol (Food preservative) bottle in the cupboard.

I made a hole in the lid to fit the vacuum seal and sealed that with some bathroom silicone.

You can watch the result here:

After the success of my first try i will be getting a better bottle for bigger pieces.



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    11 months ago

    A good idea , and I'm surprised you were able to pull enough of a vacuum to do the deed .

    I'm making a vac treatment system of an old 2.5 gallon pressure cooker and a $ 15.00 real vacuum pump from thrift stores . I had never before seen a vacuum pump at a thrift store .

    Even a small pressure cooker will do for small stuff , it can be made airtight with a fresh gasket , and you'll never have pieces of glass whizzing around .