Step 2: Making the stove door

I got the straps of metal from un-used metal head board.
I cut the straps with a hack saw to fit the stove door size and since I don't have a bending machine I used the door as my template and my muscles to bend it over into it shape.

Next sanding all that rust off, I wonder  how long it was driffting in the sea and where it came from??
I found my welding magnets handy for holding the metal parts in place.
For welding I used my Grip Locking Pliers starting from the top welding from the door inside part.
Unfortunately I dont have a TIG Welder so I was using my primative but reliable ARC welder and My limited welding skills.
I started with a few tack welds and placed the door in its place to check the fitting.
Weld the top thenthe bottom and last the sides.
After all frame straps are tacked, welded, check the fitting again and if you are satisfied give it some more extra welding.

I love your door, it's very close to the look I want for my stove, reminds me of small the cast iron stove in my grandmothers house.
pdtnc5 years ago
Nice, did you have ti tickle a bit off your welds to get it to shut tight?
NutandBolt (author)  pdtnc5 years ago
Thanks, Very light grinding over the welds, the angle grinder cutting leavs a few MM gap (blade thickness) so the welds fits nicley .
skimmo5 years ago
hmmmm would have thought that welding flash would reck your camera?