Introduction: Woodball

About: ... found out that the FabLab Aachen has a Laser cutter and a PCB mill (and other fun stuff of course), decided to stay there for a while :-)

Making a nice ball structure out of 1.2 mm wood: Just cut the Woodball.svg form with a laser cutter out of the wood. Stain the wood if necessary. Puzzle the structure together and fixate it with glue. Sandpaper the edges. Finished!

(The main obstacle was the design. But using a program to calculate the tenon structure and just connecting each vertices with each other with thick lines to form the inner structure made things easier than expected).



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    hello, thank you for this woodball design,

    i have a problem, on svg file we have 32 slice, it's necessary for two woodball ? or each woodball made with all 32 slice ?

    thank you again.

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    The 32 slices are for one ball. It's a truncated icosahedron - ok, i looked that up on wikipedia :-)

    thanks again,

    is there any new designed woodball ?

    how we can redesign one custom like yours ?

    It was just a test for a program (http://hci.rwth-aachen.de/cutcad), which we wrote for assembling non-rectangular objects. For such a ball you need two layouts for a six- an five edge object (all with the same side length), which are then connected (An easier layout consisting 12 5-edges is described in the manual of the program).

    and anything like that ?

    Files for this layouts can be found in the example section, e.g. for the ReasyC.jpg it's under "Different Boxes with 5-sided shapes" - this one can also be found here at instructables (https://www.instructables.com/id/Teelight-Box/).

    I wish I had access to a laser cutter; the design is gorgeous! ;)

    That's pretty!