Introduction: Woodburned Pendants

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I've always loved jewelry that is made with natural and easily found materials (such as wood and shells), but I had never actually made some of my own. When I was tidying up some scrap pieces of wood in the workshop, I saw a small piece of wood that was the perfect size for a pendant. So I grabbed it up and got to work! (anything to avoid cleaning. :P )

Step 1: Materials

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Small piece of wood



Woodburning Set


The piece of wood that I grabbed was already cut down the the right size. If you have a larger piece of wood that you want to cut down you will have to add a saw to the materials list. :)

When you have your pendant size piece of wood and other materials you are ready to go to the next step.

Step 2: Sanding

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Sand your pendant until all surfaces are smooth, starting with a coarse grit and slowly changing to finer grit paper. I sanded the corners of my pendant so that it would have a smooth shape instead of being just a rectangle.

Step 3: Drill

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Drill a hole into your pendant. This hole needs to be large enough for the cord or jump ring to fit through it. Make a small pencil mark where you would like to make your hole and then line the drill up with your mark.

Step 4: Sketch

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Using a pencil, lightly draw the design you want onto the pendant. You could always skip this step and freehand your burning, but I like to plan ahead. It's much easier to erase a pencil line than a woodburned line.

For this pendant I chose a nautilus design.

Step 5: Burn

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Using the sketch as a guide, burn your design onto the pendant.

Using the universal tip, I made the background dark, and I burned the edges and back of the pendant as well.

Using the tapered tip, I used pointillism to make the lines of the nautilus. I also made a small initial signature on the back of the pendant.

Using the shading tip, I added some shading to the nautilus shell.

Step 6: Finishing Touches

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To finish off your project you could add stains or finishes. Just make sure that they will be safe to be against your skin when they are dried. I chose to keep my pendants free of stains or finishes/

When your pendant is complete you can add any hardware that you will need to make it into a necklace. I looped a leather cord through my pendants.

I took some time to make a pair of matching earring to go with my necklace.

This project was a lot of fun for me, so I also made a second pendant. :)


Kevmaster007 (author)2015-03-23

This is really neat! Voted!

Corinbw (author)2015-03-22

wow that is some skilled woodburning. I wish o had a wood burner. My soldering iron hardly gets hot enough to burn wood like that

shashankarduino (author)2015-03-17

did not get the burning part..pls upload pics or video

NathanSellers (author)2015-03-16

What a cool project. Thanks for sharing your idea.

Dani78 (author)2015-03-16

good idea and design. thanks for sharing.

Wired_Mist (author)2015-03-16

I like how Your Design wraps around the edge. Really Nice Attention to Detail !

J Reid (author)2015-03-16

Simple and very cool.

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