Picture of Woodcut Silhouette Portrait
There are a handful of photographs from every relationship that become iconic. Some photos show more than just two people captured in a Facebook photo, and they become visual shorthand for the things you love about one another. The way he leaned, the way she smiled, the interplay between the two of you is somehow perfectly encapsulated in a simple photograph.

This project takes one of those pictures and turns it into something more permanent than a 4x6 Walgreens print with plywood, Illustrator, and some glue.

I made this as a gift for my boyfriend.  It is my favorite picture of us :D

***I made this at TechShop!!

Step 1: Materials and Tools

Picture of Materials and Tools
(2) 20" x 18" x 1/4" Maple board
Wood Glue
Dark Stain: I used MINWAX's English Chestnut stain
Digital Photo

Laser Cutter
Photoshop (photo editing program)
Illustrator (vector drawing program)
angelabchua3 years ago
awww I love it! What an awesome gift!
poofrabbit3 years ago
How very cool! What a great gift this would make!