Wooden 3d Wall Design





Introduction: Wooden 3d Wall Design

I love wood :) so i decided to do a 3d effect wall with some oakwood... easy to do but a loooooooot of time needed

Step 1: Preparing the Oak Pieces

i bougt oakwood 2x2 cm by a length of 150 cm, i cutted them randomly from pieces starting at 2 cm long and at least 8 cm.... it took me in total 180 meters of oakwood, after cutting every piece i sanded every edge halfround... i needed in total a hole week with my dad to have enough pieces to start and sortet all in different buckets,... while i was in progress of the work i still had to make some more pieces.

Step 2: Building the Parts for the Windowcovers

I started building a little frame where i can glue a hole ligne in one time, after one line was hard i glued it on a plywood plate, the plate was already cut to fix... and i gled and glued and glued... i placed the pieces randomly to gett a nice 3d look

Step 3: Windowparts Finished

to be shure that they dont creck or fall down i wanted to go so sure that i drilled a hole and a screw in every piece from the back... an enourmous timespending work but i really wanted to guarantee even if the wood cracks all piece wood stay in place... i also reinfored buy using some angles.

Step 4: Toilette and Washstand

I bought the cabinet at ikea and mounted it on e plywood plate, i cutted out the back because i needed space to get to the outflow and main water supply.... same work,... glueing on and on and on ;)... i added 4 mirrors and placed them on the plywood with en oakwood frame... For transporting i chose to do it in 2 parts because it was going to get very heavy

Step 5: Finish

I still have to set up the tap and the wc... but i think this project is done for the moment...there is still a lot to to at the house :)



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Very nice, great idea!

siper idea! i've seen it done as a mirror but you took it even further!
thank you for the inspiration, thinking of doing it to also!

thank you for your feedback...i also saw that on a mirror thats what inspired my idea

Awesome idea!! I LOVE this!


Seriously nice!! Congratulations!

how did you fix the panel on the ceiling?