Picture of Wooden Air Plant Pendant
Necklace - 01.jpg
Are you someone who likes to always be surrounded by plants? Why not carry one with you around your neck? 

This piece of original jewelry is a good introduction into small scale wood bending and mold making.

The materials you will need include:

Veneer (Make sure it is between 1/26th and 1/40th of an inch thick)
Wood Glue
Packing Tape
Blue Painters Tape
Foam Tape or Foam Rubber Sheet
1 inch Dowel
Wood Finish
Sand Paper

The tools you will need include:
Spindle Sander
Band Saw
Belt Sander
Dremel Tool or Similar

Have fun,

They are also for sale on Etsy if you want to skip directly to step 9. (

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Step 1: Cut Wood For Molds

Picture of Cut Wood For Molds
Necklace - 03.jpg
Necklace - 04.jpg
Necklace - 06.jpg
Bent Lamination of wood requires molds. We will be making these molds out of plywood and a part of a dowel.

Cut three pieces of half inch plywood to about three by four inches. The exact measurement is not important but stay consistent.

Glue wo of those pieces together and wait for the glue to dry.

In the mean time cut a piece of your one inch dowel to about three inches long.
CobyUnger (author) 1 year ago
These planters are also for sale on Etsy if you don't feel like making one your self.
starforest29 days ago

Very cool. With this, you could take your plant on your vacation and not come back and find it dead.

Seriously search up how to care for air plants A.K.A tilly or tillandsia


Air plants DO need to be watered and you must soak them in a container for ten to twenty mins then shake off excessive water every week. (Each Friday) in the other days mist the plant with water. Also don't keep it in direct sun.

Very cool! They make epoxy that will withstand water and is FDA compliant if you want to make items to drink out of, I make mugs and vases that can have soil and water sitting in them. Here's the link if you are interested:
CobyUnger (author)  NickTheEngr1 year ago
Thanks, I use salad bowl finish for just about everything but I didn't think it would be enough to withstand dirt and water constantly.
Very cool way to make a mold. Thanks for sharing Coby!
CobyUnger (author)  timwikander1 year ago
Thanks, Tim. Glad you liked it.
what a great idea and lovely guide too :)
nanaverm1 year ago
Beautiful and unusual! As a woman wearing this, having the bump facing inward and the chain smaller would allow this to fit nicely between my breasts. Or big pec muscles for guys?
foobear1 year ago
such a great idea - love it
You will save the earth my friend :). What a lovely idea. Well explained too.
Love the idea, beautiful!