This is the first in a small series on making wooden toys from leftover pieces of wood or MDF. In this instructable I will show how you can build a simple toy airplane, with spinning propellor!

Step 1: Materials & Tools

NOTE: I'm not giving any specific measurements, because everybody has his own taste in design, so everyone will probably make it a little bigger or smaller anyway...

For my airplane I used the following materials:
(ofcourse you can improvise according to what you have lying around)

- 1 piece of wood for the body (can be 1 solid piece or built up with layers of MDF)
- some smaller, thinner pieces of wood or MDF or triplex for the wings and tail
- 2 ice cream sticks for the propellors
- 1 round wooden stick for the nose
- a small piece of iron wire or paperclip for the axle of the propellors

And the tools I used to make it:
- saw (either a machine or handsaw)
- sanding paper (or machine if you have access to one)
- drill (using a nail and pulling it out also works)
- wire cutter
- woodglue

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How far does it fly, you never mentioned how well it will fly.<br /> (I'm kidding so don't tell me it isn't meant to fly)<br /> <br /> Anyway, looks good, maybe a second plane could be a biplane. <br /> Maybe even a plane with 3 wings (triplane?)<br /> <br />
<p>Like a fokker Dr. 1?</p>
<p>They all are made by my self and they are as per actual structure of the aircrafts.</p>
<p>Nice design! I made one very similar to this a long, long time ago for my daughter. Unfortunately it's flown off somewhere in the distant past so no photo. I added a round white plastic drawer knob to it on top to make a pilots head, which had the required handlebar mustache painted on and a bit of ribbon tied around it as the scarf. </p><p>I also put two solar cells, one on each wing and fed these through a diode to a couple of rechargeables and fed this via a switch to a motor to turn a propellor. That part was a dismal failure but maybe with modern solar cells it would work better.</p>
thats really cute! lookin 4ward to more
Cute plane, nicely done!<br />
<p>Nice Job :) Very well done.</p>

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