Picture of Wooden Axle
If books, TV shows, and movies are any indication, it seems that civilization is headed for certain collapse. Once the fall happens, wheeled transportation is going to be at a premium. We may be fleeing zombies, or farming with horses, or trying to get a car running on moonshine and tree sap -- whatever the case, wheels, and the skills to make them, will be valuable to have. 

This post-apocalyptic wheel assembly uses a wooden axle and spare tires (donuts) to provide the basis for a handcart, simple wagon, or trailer. Short of metal, and tools, this is also a perfect repair for a broken trailer. After I made it, I realized a solid axle has some trouble turning, so I would recommend actually cutting the axle in half and mounting each wheel independently so that a two-wheel arrangement can pivot.

The parts for this are all recycled, and very cheap, if not free. Sustainability starts with re-use, especially when the factories collapse and no new ones are being made!

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You will need these materials:

2 compact car wheel hubs
2 compact car spare tires (donuts)
Several pieces of scrap plywood, appox. 4 sq. ft. in total
Hefty chunk of douglas fir, spruce, oak, walnut, hickory, pecan, or similar 
Wood glue
Handful of 1/4"-3/8" through-bolts, nuts, and washers
Handful of 1/4" x 5" lag bolts
1-1/2" hole saw
Wood glue

You will need these tools:

Table saw
Jig or Bandsaw
Block plane

Gutterclean11 months ago

Looks solid.

danmellow1 year ago

looks legit

I thought you are suppose to do curls with this?