In this instructable I will show you how I made a belt buckle at virtually no cost.

You will need:
Firewood (branch)
Sand paper (80, 120, 240, 380, and 600 grit)
Linseed oil
Tung oil
Wire coat hanger
Wire cutter
2.0 mm drill bit
Power drill
Super glue

The style shown in this instructable is the "natural" style. Stay tuned for the "clean cut" style that should be up in the next two weeks.

REMEMBER: Practice proper safety!

Step 1: Pick It

Pick whatever piece of wood you want but I suggest something that is ~2.5 in wide. I ended up using an almond branch.
<p>Where's the &quot;clean cut&quot; version you promised?</p>
definitely going to do this
<p>It looks beautiful!</p>
<p>That is awesome. Repurposing a hanger makes a lot of sense, and the final piece is a perfect complement for a beard and flannel. Looking forward to the clean version.</p>
<p>Looks great! Love the natural look :)</p>

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