This is just a photo instructable to show off the pretty bowl I made on a wood lathe.

It's not a step-by-step because as far as wood-lathe-bowl projects go, it's pretty basic- if you know the principles (which you should learn from someone in person if you can), I'm sure you can produce a similar result.

However, look how pretty it is! Learning the wood lathe is super fun, because since you use hand tools (special types of chisel), the process feels very hands-on. (As opposed to a digital-readout metal lathe.)

Perhaps this will inspire you to learn to use a wood lathe.

Oh, also: here's how to make the thread balls that are pictured in the bowl.
txdawood1 year ago

Beautiful bowl. Nice work. Thank you for sharing.

Good work! What type of wood did you use? This is a skill I am learning soon, I will let you know how it goes. We miss you!
SelkeyMoonbeam (author)  audreyobscura2 years ago
I miss you guys too! Hope to see your wood lathe exploits. The bowl is maple.