Wooden Box Using Finger Joints - Includes Sliding Dove-Tail Lid





Introduction: Wooden Box Using Finger Joints - Includes Sliding Dove-Tail Lid

Please take a look at the video on how I made this box! (This Instructables misses out a few of the smaller processes I did to create this box!). Thank You

Step 1: Making the Pieces

The first thing was to cut the pieces to the correct length. For this I used the Band saw. I created 6 long pieces and 2 shorter. I got 2 of theses and glued them together to form the base. I repeated this to make the lid. The other 4 pieces would make up the box.

Step 2: Making the Box Joints

I created a jig on my router which allowed me to make theses joints. I will be doing a video on this in the near future. On one of the smaller pieces I cut the top two fingers off and glued it to the longer side. (This is made a lot clearer in the video). Over at the planner I then took one of the smaller sides and reduced the height by the height of the finger.

Step 3: Creating the Dove Tail Groove

Using a dove tail router bit I made a groove on the two longer faces of the box. Once this was complete I could glue the main structure of the box together.

Step 4: Creating the Bottom

At the router, using a straight bit, I made a groove all the way around the bottom until it slotted into the main box. I sanded the box and added Danish Oil. I then glued the main section and the bottom together.

Step 5: The Lid

On the sides of the lid I used the router to create the dove tail groove, so that that the lid would 'lock' into place. On one end of the box I used a straight bit so that it would sit flush.

Step 6: Finishing

I sanded the box and applied multiple coats of Danish Oil.

Step 7: Please Check Out the Video for the Full Build!

Video - https://youtu.be/Nqmvj0LuWIQ



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    I would love to make this but sadly I do not own $1000s of dollars in woodworking tools.

    3 replies

    I'm with you on that one ginny!! i was thinking exactly the same myself,I get a lot more satisfaction and pride in my work using my handtools

    If you adapted the design a bit you could easily make this using only handtools!

    Take a look on Craigs list! You can pick up some cheap tools on their.

    So many think that full dovetails are the best joint ever. But I personally like the finger or box joint myself. There is so much glue area and if you pin the box joint from either the top or bottom, it is never coming apart again. In fact even if you don't pin the joint, I have never had a box joint even work loose. And the end grain to side grain contrast looks amazing. Thumbs Up!

    3 replies

    Full dovetails are the best joints ever ;-) but finger joints done well can be pretty good also. Choosing one for a project doesn't mean you reject all others.

    I'm a big fan of Dovetails too. They look just as nice but just tend to be more of a pain to make.

    I totally agree with you! It takes so much more effort to make Dovetails compared to these box joints. If you create a jig like I have the joints interlock perfectly forming a tight bond. Thank you for the positive comment! :)

    you should have added some more photos to the steps

    1 reply

    Thanks for the advice. In my future projects I am aiming to take more pictures as I build the project. This will allow me to create a better instructables!