Hi everyone, this is actually my first instructable and its something i made made last summer so im sorry for not having enough pictures but this wasn't really that difficult so i have confidence you can pull it off.

My goal with this was to impress a girl.. we've all been there so dont you judge me. haha. i joke. please forgive my bad humor ill bestow throughout this ible..

I estimate with buying some tools and supplies this cost me less than 50 bucks. mostly i just wanted to make the girl happy and for her to have something to show off.

Step 1: Step 1

Round wooden blanks
Glue cool things your lady-friend likes.
i chose a litte swallow and a leaf also a small brass plate for some reason i didnt photograph..
Stain, a brush to apply. i think i used cloth though..
little teeny brass nails i cut down in length
some green wire i thought would be a great accent.

mostly hand tools were what i used. ive since upgraded to some heavier things but..
small wood clamps
sand paper
a wood carving set
small file set
most importantly your hands.

I began by gluing and clamping the 2 blanks of wood together to achieve the thickness i wanted.
then i set along the long task if chiseling and filing away the edges and the inside to form my basic shape.
Great first instructable! Does she still wear the bracelet? I love the rustic design. <br> <br>I'd suggest sanding any future bracelets much smoother and skipping the stain. Even reclaimed, cheap wood can have a beautiful sheen if you don't cover it up (I have no idea why wood stain is so popular, actually). If you use really really fine sandpaper (like micromesh) to finish it, you can make the wood so smooth and glossy that all you need is a thin coat of shellac to seal and protect the wood. If it ever gets scratched, it's really easy to repair the shellac finish (unlike the thicker finishes that hide the feel and beauty of wood like polyurethane) <br> <br> <br>If you get some epoxy, you can embed whatever you want to inlay and then sand the clear epoxy flush with the wood. :)

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