Step 2: Shaping

Take a look at your piece of wood and look for you candle holder within the log. I kept one edge close to the edge of the log for bark, and picked a length where there was a knot.

To blank it out you need one of the shapers mentioned earlier, I would suggest a saw, but I had a go with the hatchet for my firewood log attempt, this left the final piece more rustic, as there were deeper gouges from the hatchet.

As you can see from the pictures, I made a cuboid, but you could make it any shape you like.

Once you have the basic shape done, you can work on it with progressively finer tools- like a plane, then sander, then finer sandpaper..

- You should have a go at using a plane if you haven't already- they are really fun, and they make a big mess of wood curls everywhere.

A belt sander is really helpful, but not necessary. I put mine upside down in the vise so I could bring the work to the tool, not the other way round, which is easier for smaller stuff.
bobdole7 years ago
Using youtube is nice for illustrating techniques, but remember, people who have javascript turned off, or refuse to install flash, people who live in UAE or Qatar, (or several other countries where youtube is blocked for political reasons), people browsing from work (whose IT department has youtube filtered) cannot see the videos at all. The very least you could do is put in some descriptive text for those who just see a blank white page. (like me!)
sam (author)  bobdole7 years ago
I experience the same problems with youtube being blocked at my school.. there are a few workarounds, but I won't get into that here. My Instructable was intended to be usable without the videos, as I did include many pictures, and also text. That said, on the next one I'll try to make it more universally accessible!
gilleseg sam5 years ago
Still great job.  I followed what you did and I also stained the top side of my wood.  Looks great.