Step 4: Drilling Holes

Decide how many candles you want. Here you can see it with 3, and then 2. I went with 3.

For any odd number of candles measure to the middle, and place a mark, this is where you will drill for the middle candle.

The rest of the marks are a little harder to explain, but you want an equal distance between the edges of your candles, not between centers, so you will need to know the radius of your drill bit. Then draw it around your drill mark with a compass. Now you can measure from the edge. Position the remaining candles equal distances apart, and mark for holes.

Or make a jig from scrap material, like I used for the firewood piece. First Drill a hole in a board for the jig, then move the edge of your jig to the edge of where you just drilled, and drill a hole through the hole in the jig. Keep moving it up, then cut off the end when you can't make any more holes.

Drill Bit: The most expensive part of this project was the forstner bit, at around $30cdn, But its worth it to buy a quality tool. You can make lots more candle holders. I even have a few other projects that use the same bit.

I found that a 1 1/2" forstner bit was the largest home depot sells, but this only fits the tea light, without the cup.
If you want to fit the cup (which I suggest, so you don't set fire to the candle holder, or have a waxy mess to scrape out) you will need a bigger size, which I found at and old school hardware store, Preston Hardware in Ottawa. They gave me a 1 5/8" which fits the cup.

*Note- All tea lights are not created equal. Mine are from IKEA. I found some others that are smaller, and may fit into a 1 1/2" hole. Check what candles you have or can get before you buy a bit.

If you have a drill press, this will be much easier. You can set the depth stop for the size of a candle. Then just start making wood chips. A hand drill would work ok, but clamp your piece securely, and make sure you drill straight.

ungood8 years ago
Probably cheaper to buy candles to match your bit than the other way around. :)