This is a quick wooden pull toy you can build in a few hours with basic tools. I built it for my little girl's first birthday a couple weeks ago. All the cutting, drilling and assembling can be done quite fast. We also decided to paint it with some fancy colors to make it a little more fun.

I used hand held tools when I made this one but there are certainly better tools for most of the work here. However this isn't a how-to on what tools to use or how to use them, it's all about the toy. I'll leave it up to you to make sure whatever tools you choose, you use them safely and effectively.

Anyway, enough talkin', let's get on to the buildin'.

Tools used:
     Drill & 1/8" bit
     Circular saw
     Belt sander
     Paper clip

Materials used:
     1 3/4" flat bottom "wall rail" (3 feet)
     3/8" quarter-round molding (2 feet)
     2 1/4" wood ball knob (1)
     1 1/2" wood ball knob (1)
     1 1/2" wood toy wheels (12)
     1 1/4" wood axle pegs (12)
     3/8" wood round beads (about 20)
     1/16" round elastic cord (3-4 feet)
     3/8" bungee cord or similar sized rope (2 feet)
     3/8" screw eye (1)
     1/2"-3/4" fun colored, two hole button (1)
     Paint (optional)
     Clear lacquer
     Wood glue

Step 1: Cutting All the Pieces

I started by clamping the wall rail down and cutting six 3" sections for the main body pieces with the circular saw. This part is much easier (and safer) if you happen to have a miter saw. I do not have one but I am quite happy with the results.

I then cut the quarter-round into six 2" sections to be used as mounting points for the centipede's legs.. err, wheels. I'll refer to these as the "axle casings" from here on out. You could also use half-round for these parts, I just used what I had sitting around in the garage from some previous projects.

<p>Very nice little toy, like it.</p>
Very nice and creative, my little one would love something like this. Have a look at my Baby Go Kart&nbsp;<a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-make-a-baby-Go-Kart-in-15-mins/" rel="nofollow">www.instructables.com/id/How-to-make-a-baby-Go-Kart-in-15-mins/</a>&nbsp;.<br /> &nbsp;It is amazing the little things that makes them happy.
Thanks.. And I like your go-kart idea too. I'll have to put something together like that for my little ladies. I think with a little bigger rubber wheels this could be great for taking on our walks to the park. They get bored of the stroller real quick. The little ones do love the toys, and the more new ones the better!
What a great little toy!&nbsp; Well done.<br />
Thanks a lot. I had a lot of fun making it.<br />
That is adorable! It looks like your little girl is really enjoying her new toy.<br />
Thanks, her big sister Mabel (2 1/2) also enjoys it.. We have to stagger their naps so Lucy gets a chance to play with it.<br />
Super-cute!<br /> <br /> Did you brush on the laquer or spray on?<br />
We used spray lacquer on this one.<br />
&nbsp;Next we just need a &quot;Human Centipede&quot; Instructable
If you're referring to that new movie...&nbsp; That would be creepy!&nbsp; *shudder*<br />

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