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A friend of mine at work drinks a lot of coffee.  Several time a day he visits a coffee establishment and returns with coffee for himself and others.  In addition to the coffee he returns with those paper coffee totes and now has a stack to rival the Tower of Pisa.  To help the environment and as a quick woodworking project I decided I would make a wooden coffee tote for him to use.

Step 1:

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My first step was to visit his favourite coffee establishment and get a couple of coffee cups.

notimeoff4 years ago
great job, just make wire coat hanger handle for one handed operation :-)
Spruce3 (author) 4 years ago
Tks. It was a fun little project that just about anyone with a little woodworking skill can accomplish.
wmstockman4 years ago
What a great idea, I'm gonna make one to keep in each car!! Great instructable as well, keep up the good work!!