My phone works hard for me. It takes pictures, gets me pictures of what my friends are eating, twitterates, and sometimes even makes a phone call. So I figured that it deserved a nice comfy spot to sit in when it was on my desk. It was certainly better than just tossing it on a pile of tools like I usually did.

Step 1: Materials

OK, let's make this thing! Here's what I used

 - 1/4" plywood (just a couple square feet)
 - 1/4" neodymium magnets
 - Elmer's Carpenter's Wood Glue
 - Gorilla Glue
 - stain
 - clamps
 - sandpaper
 - USB charging cable

The pieces were cut out with a laser cutter, but the same thing can be done by hand as well. 

Aww so cute!
<p>I did this little project with a band saw. It took like 8 hours to do everything but it ended up surprisingly smooth. Definitely worth it. Great idea!</p>
I like it ?
Hey pls could make a file for the I Pad mini aswell I can't do it myself!
I like the way u do the vhair
So do you have the files for an iPhone 5 charger, or do you have to make those yourself? If so, would it be difficult?
This should work as is for an iPhone 5 as well. You can replace some of the seat pieces with the cutout for the connector with pieces that don't have cuts if you want.
I'm thinking for wood challenged people like me,.......cardboard! I could use a pattern and a boxcutter :)
Great idea applicable for many requirements. Thanks.
Clever cord solution. You guys definitely need a bead blaster to get rid of that horrible charred edge though! It's much easier/more effective than sand paper.
Great idea on the bead blaster. I've been considering adding a nose cone to my laser to decrease the charring, but I like the idea of adding another tool to my collection!
Definitely go for the nose cone. I had one on a previous laser cutter and it was amazing the difference with/without. I'm amazed they don't come as standard on the Epilog laser cutters.
Nothing like a comfy chair for your phone! I can't wait to cut one for myself. Thanks for providing the EPS.
Maybe an Ottoman for your headphones?;-)
you should build a couch one that holds your phone sideways to charge
or two phones side by side:)
Our phones deserve the same comfort that we get! Awesome project! <br> <br>-Doctordv
Thank you, my phone is now quite relaxed
That is so cute. Great job. :)
Thank you!
ya its truely very nice
very nice ;)

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