I needed a large radius circle for a project I was building, but I didn't have anything large enough to use as a template (bucket lids and whatnots) so I built a simple wooden compass.

I can also use it to draw pretty pictures....


Wood - In this case a 1 1/2 square piece of scrap cherry about 16" long
Hardware: 5/16 bolt, a washer and a wing nut
Compass point: A drywall screw
Drawing point: Small pencil (like from mini golf places)
Finish: Shellac in a ranch dressing bottle.


Table saw
Band Saw
Drill press

Step 1: Cutting the Pieces

As stated I had a scrap piece of cherry in the shop from another project so I used it.

I ripped it on the table saw down the middle.

That gave me 2 halves: 3/4" x 1 1/2" x 16"

A gigantic compass! I've made one of those. I remember the big compasses they had in schools for chalk boards. Yours reminds me of those. With your table saw you could make yourself an arc bow too. All an arc bow is is a thin strip of wood you hold a bend in with a string. It is handier than it sounds if you layout furniture. I've actually used my arc bow much more than my gigantic compass.
Good idea check out the number of circles on this project.
Are you building a rocket ship!? <br>Can I hitch a lift....

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