This super-simple wooden cross necklace will take you about fifteen minutes to make, and it's perfect for a monk / priest / Friar Tuck costume. While monks were not actually allowed to wear cross necklaces (or any necklaces), when it comes to Halloween there is no easier way to let people know that you are not a Jedi or Sith Lord, you are are a monk. This one has special knot that allows you to adjust the necklace size, too.

Supplies you will need
  • a piece of wood (around 3" x 5" x 1" thick)
  • a piece of string (preferably leather lacing)
Tools you will need
  • a band saw (or coping saw, or hand saw)
  • a drill
  • (optionally) a sander
I made it at TechShop (techshop.ws)

Step 1: Draw the Cross on the Piece of Wood

Sample dimensions shown.
very nice job!
Because Lucas was going for a monk-type of look for the Jedi.
Why is that little Jedi wearing a cross? <br> <br>;-) <br>
Maybe he's a Monk Jedi... ;)
Ha, we might as well get him a light saber and be done with it.

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