Introduction: Wooden Cube and String Puzzle

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Simple to make - challenging to solve

The challenge with this puzzle is to get the two cubes onto one string.

Once you have solved it the first time you"ll be able to complete it in a flash.

Step 1: Mark Out Your Material

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Making this toy requires basic woodworking equipment.

  • pencil
  • ruler
  • square
  • clamp
  • drill
  • hand saw
  • sandpapers
  • 8mm drill bit
  • 1m nylon string

Follow the plan and mark out your material

Note: One set of holes is drilled from the other side

Step 2: Drill the Four Holes

Picture of Drill the Four Holes

Centre punch the holes.

Clamp your work down with a scrap of wood underneath, this will stop tear out where the drill bit comes through the other side

Hold the drill straight and drill all your holes.

I used a counter sink bit to clean up the edges of the holes.

Step 3: Sawing Into Parts

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Clamp your work to the bench hook.

Start by pulling the saw back towards you until you get a good start, then slowly and carefully saw the part off.

Step 4: Sanding Parts

Picture of Sanding Parts

Use course sandpaper to round the edges of the blocks.

Then medium and fine paper to smooth them

Apply a finish, I have used beeswax and oil

Step 5: Assembly

Picture of Assembly

Lay the parts out as in the photo.

Thread the string through as shown.

Step 6:

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Melt the ends of the string together.

Step 7: The Solution


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