Wooden Dirt Bike Model





Introduction: Wooden Dirt Bike Model

The main body started off as a 2x4 and the rough shape was carved with pocket knife and refined with a belt/disc sander.
The front fender's outer curve was shaped on the disc sander and the inner curve was shaped with chisels. The name plate and engine were also shaped with a pocket knife and sander.
The wheels were cut out of a 1/2" pine board. The rims were cut by using a spade bit and drilling about 1/8" on either side. The wheel was cut out using a hole saw bit and I cut the tread around the circumference with a hacksaw.
I wanted the handle bars to be as accurate in shape as possible and I knew it would too difficult to carve out of a single piece. The handle bar was a branch from a maple tree that had the curved shape I was looking for.
The swing arm, sprocket, front forks and axels were all branches from trees and the chain was cut from a long strip of cedar bark. 
I stained the seat and tires with a walnut stain (its what I had around) and the whole thing was covered in 3 coats of polyurethane.



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That really cool, very, very awesome

Wow!!!! OMG that is some awesome wood work. Thanks For Sharing.