Picture of Wooden Double-String Hardwood Nunchaku/Nunchucks
Hiya guys, this is just a slideshow of one of the many homemade nunchakus that I have. I made this around four months ago, but I didn't have time to post it up until now. Nothing really inspired me to do this, I was just bored one day, so I decided to just make a quick nunchaku.

How I did this is I sawed a small hardwood (not softwood) dowel in half, sand the whole thing with a belt sander so it's smooth, did a final sandpaper job on the shafts, drill a hole in each shaft to put the string in, tie two strings on each shaft (make sure that the strings also connect the shafts together), and wrapped a part of the shaft with electrical tape to make a grip.

I'm pretty happy with this, it looks fine IMO, and is quite durable and easy to re-string.
parkmana3 years ago
I hope you are not in California. It is a felony just to POSSESS nunchukcs. (Prison)
kthompson-24 years ago
i would advise not to make your own nunchuks if your gonna make them im assuming you don't know how to use them and if you do using string and dowels but if its for protection and the fun to make it thats fine put as practice for people that are trying to teach themselves somthing or as a dojo weapon don't do it im a black belt and i see many people really hurt them selves but if you make them practice if you use them in dangerous situations cause you might hurt yourselve more than they hurt you

Be safe p.s chains are reccomended
I use paracord and it's perfectly safe
wrksnfx5 years ago
1 wooden dowel rod 1" Diameter about 3 feet long (you will have some scrap left over either 1 foot or 3 inches).
1 3/8 drill bit and power 1/2 drill * BE CAREFULL IF YOU HAVE NEVER USED A DRILL ASK SOMEONE 
1 Vice (to hold the dowel rod safely while drilling)
1 Crosscut handsaw
1 Tape measure to measure the dowel rod
(*Measure it twice and cut once* <-Rule of construction )
1 3 foot section of 3/16 NYLON BRAIDED ROPE
1 3" long nail (this will help fish the rope through the holes be careful so as not to jab yourself requiring a tetnus shot)

Nunchucks (1 inch dia. about 12" long or 16" depending if your about 6 feet tall or taller)

1) Take dowel rod and saw it into 2 pieces either 12" long if you are shorter than 6 feet tall 16" if your taller *because of bigger hands and longer arms and body parts the Nunchucks have to go around.

2) Take the 3/8 drill bit and put it into the chuck of the 1/2 drill and and tighten it and drill your Nunchuk handles straight through the center near the top about 1 1/2 from the top (Do not wear loose clothes or jewelry when doing this).

3) Drill 2 more holes on each side (PARALLEL to the hole going straight through see black and white picture so it looks like the side view and the top looks like) about  1/4 distance above the hole on a 45 Degree or so angle so that the holes come out parallel to each other on the top of the Nunchuck. the other picture (see pigs nose picture for example; sorry it's not a kosher picture but tough LOL it was the only thing I could think of).

4) Take the 3/16 nylon rope about 3 feet long you double it over (for strenght and durabillty) and fish the cut ends of rope through 1 hole in the top of your Nunchuck use a nail to help fish it through  then out the side then fish it through the other side hole that goes all the way through horizontally then fish the ends up through the hole that comes out at the top make sure that both ends of the rope are the same and run them through the loop end of the rope and pull it taught so the looped end is sitting firmly on top of the Nunchuck.

5) Do the same with the other Nunchuck except when the 2 ends come out the top of the Nunchuck the distance that the rope should be 6" - 8" (you should already know why) then hook the ends of the rope around the doubled over rope so that whe you do step six it will loop around the  the doubled rope.

6) Now for the fun part do the slip knot in this link below (just  a short distance a couple of inches from the ends and tie a simple knot so the knots wont come loose) just remember to loop the end of the second end through the first slip knot  one the first end and tie the slip knot on it.


And you are done just remember THIS IS A WEAPON AND NOT A TOY  so if you hit yourself in the head and cause yourself a concusion or hurt yourself reproductive wise you were WARNDED!

Side note this can also be used for a 3 sectional staff using 3 3 foot (cut down to 33 inches except for the center rod which is 30 inches = 9 feet) dowel rods the middle rod will have to be drilled on both ends and more rope maybe of course.

Example side view.bmpTemp.bmp
wrksnfx wrksnfx5 years ago
Just 2 better pics.
Example side view.JPGnunchucks.gif
Camisado (author)  wrksnfx5 years ago
Thanks for posting these instructions.
No problem. I have an Ible that goes into better detail w/o pictures of the finished product, but I tried to give as much detail as possible so that one could visualize it in their mind; because I have been told quite often that when I talk that I go into GREAT detail so that even if it was a joke that I was talking about that they could actually picture in their minds.
wizard7446 years ago
nice ble' ever thought of using 5 or 6 strings of fishing line for the stringing?
Camisado (author)  wizard7446 years ago
Cool idea, but the thought never came into my mind =P

Check out my other weapons, they're much better than this one.
I think they would work for a beginner but I think there is room for improvement. But guys stop bothering the guy he already said he was just experimenting.
Camisado (author)  Proud American Pyro6 years ago
Thanks, and no one's bothering me. It's called constructive criticism. Be sure to check out my other weapon projects.
Berkin6 years ago
Camisado (author)  Berkin6 years ago
Thankies, Berks!
basscadetz6 years ago
for anyone who can *actually* swing chucks, these are all wrong. the spacing between the chucks is way too small, not to mention the placement of the holes. id also suggest using something a LOT stronger than twine/string. a string breaking and a chuck hitting someone in the face is obviously not a good thing.

Camisado (author)  basscadetz6 years ago
For the spacing, it is kinda small in length because I'm mimicking a 'ProChux' type of nunchaku (Google it if you don't know what it is). And yes, string isn't that strong, but I'm just trying to experiment with different materials.