Salutations, fellow robots! This is a pair of "inlaid" earrings I made for my woman for our two-year anniversary. As these were made from spare wood I had lying around in the garage and I'm not good with identifying woods, I'm not completely sure what wood I used. I believe the darker outside wood is oak, and the lighter inside one may be either spruce or pine. If anyone can identify these and tell me what I used, I would be forever grateful.

These are the first earrings I've ever made, so I am quite happy with the results. There are also a bunch of failed attempts before these were completed, but I shan't waste your time with those. If anybody happens to be interested, I shall post them on my website,, hopefully sometime in the near future. Classes take too much time!

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Step 1: Design

I took a bunch of time to decide what shape I wanted these to have. The picture shows some of the final shapes I was choosing from. Ultimately, I decided to make the teardrop shape purely for aesthetic reasons. Now let's get making!

Step 2: Make the Negative, or "Female" Piece

Since I was not trained in the proper terminology for woodworking or anything, really, I shall be naming stuff with my own terms. This part shall be named the female part, cool!

I began by drilling a hole in a small piece of 1/2" oak with my dad's old half-working drill. After widening it by torquing the drill around, I used a small round and half round file to remove the rest of the middle hole thing. Files are quickly becoming my favorite tools. They force me to work slowly so that I don't rush around and kill my project, yet they're STILL SO USEFUL. Anyway...

elmejor06 made it!4 days ago

I made these today. The bottom one was my first try. Then I made two at once. They are acorn on the outside and bamboo on the inside. Once the pins arrive from ebay they are done.

briandamge (author)  elmejor064 days ago
Those look great, awesome job!
ssteel210 months ago
I would say your oak and spruce/pine guesses are correct though with small pieces its hard to tell. With the end grain inlay no one can really identify if its spruce or pine so pick which one you think sounds better and call it that.
briandamge (author)  ssteel210 months ago

Sounds good, thanks!

JoLoveN10 months ago
Yw!! If u need anymore ideas, just ask!!
omega6510 months ago
I've been making wood jewelry for some time now. I like this concept. I'm going to use it. Very clever and with no more tools than you used, that's amazing ! Keep up the good work.
briandamge (author)  omega6510 months ago

Thanks! I expect great things from you, then!

Todd Gehris10 months ago
Those turned out good. Nice job.
briandamge (author)  Todd Gehris10 months ago
Thank you!
JoLoveN10 months ago
If you are running out of ideas, make some wooden beads. Use a burner to put patterns on em. Paint em or clear coat. I'm just learning to make paper beads. Wooden beads would be cool for necklaces & bracelets. Or even the string beaded curtains.
briandamge (author)  JoLoveN10 months ago

That's a cool idea! I remember seeing paper beads here; I'll have to check them out. Thanks!

JoLoveN briandamge10 months ago
I got ideas out the wazzoo. Just being able to do the ideas or have the tools to do them is a different story. I'm just happy to pass on ideas & see how others create & interpret those ideas. ;-)
briandamge (author)  JoLoveN10 months ago
Ideas are the best part!
JoLoveN10 months ago
I like em!
briandamge (author)  JoLoveN10 months ago
Hey thanks!
jmdushi10 months ago
gorgeous, you should make her a necklace and bracelet too :)
briandamge (author)  jmdushi10 months ago

haha I actually made her a necklace a while ago, and she has a bracelet from Disneyland. I'm just about out of ideas!

bricobart10 months ago

Very, very beautiful - and a great achievement with those basic tools!

briandamge (author)  bricobart10 months ago
Thank you muchly!
Stone_UFO10 months ago

That's pretty

briandamge (author)  Stone_UFO10 months ago

They are beautiful!

briandamge (author)  emilyvanleemput10 months ago
Thank you!