Picture of Wooden Espresso Knock Box
Wooden Espresso Knock Box

Turn a utensil container into knock box. Way better than banging your portafilter in the sink, and cheaper than a retail one.
This method can be used with any container with a wall thickness of .5" to .75"
I used my wife's "Giadia Bamboo Utensil Holder" This has a wall thickness of .75"
A big section of pvc pipe works too.
I picked up all the supplies at my local Lowes.

Supplies needed:
-length of .5 inch copper pipe
-Two  .5" cooper pipe caps
-clear tubing (reinforced)
-rubber grommets (i found an assortment pack that had two .5 inch grommets)
-index card (for transferring cut line)

Equipment needed:
-1" bit (I used a spade or "paddle" bit) This is based on the outside diameter of the grommets' inner ring...
-clamp (quick clamp or pipe clamp)
-hacksaw (or Dremel)
-coping saw
-crosscut saw (chop saw if you have it)
-safety stuff, glasses gloves and a mouthgaurd
-rounded file
-fine sand paper

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Step 1: Measure and Cut

Picture of Measure and Cut
For my set up, I needed the knock box to fit in my espresso machine. Specifically, it had to fit in between the portafilter and the drip tray. This saves counter space and can also be used to catch drips. If you have a Gaggia Baby Class, then make your container 4" tall.  
dbowe3 months ago

A better method for the knock pipe would be to cut two indentions on the top of the box. That way you can more easily remove the pipe when cleaning. Otherwise, nice project!

Nice project, and great guide. What was the mouthguard for?! Is that for when your wife finds you cutting up her utensil pot?
langflood (author)  manuelle_override2 years ago
That, and trying to make smooth hole with the drill. On my first attempt with a practice piece, the drill grabbed the wood and spun the whole piece around like a wheel of death.