I made these for my son when he was a boy.  They are made from 3/4 inch birch.  They would make a good Christmas gift for a young male in your family.

Step 1: The Tractor

 The degree of detail is not for an exact replica, but suitable to stir the imagination of a young boy.  Rather than give measurements I included a scale in inches in most of the photos.  Begin by drawing the profile of the tractor body.  The wheels were turned on my lathe.  Axles are from 3/16 inch steel rod with end cap retainers from the hardware store.  The exhaust stack is a piece of 1/4 inch welding rod for an oxy-acetylene torch.  The steering wheel assembly is from a 3/8 inch carriage bolt with the square portion under the head ground away to make the column round.  There will be more on the seat and the gear shift later.
They're nice, did you model the tractor on a specific machine?<br /> <br /> L<br />
&nbsp;I have always been partial to International Harvester (Farmall) tractors. &nbsp;I did not specifically copy any particular model, but it probably resembles an International 560 series a little. &nbsp;Thank you for your comment and for taking a look.
I commented because it does look the part, the wheel arrangement isn't one that you typically get in toys and you bothered to get the angles nice on 'em too.<br /> <br /> L<br />
I have seen pictures of some tractors from the UK and do not exactly remember the arrangement on their front wheels.&nbsp; I believe many of them are set apart in a wide wheel configuration.&nbsp; Almost all of the tractors I knew from my years in the USA's Midwest used the row crop arrangement I used.&nbsp; Now I live in the Western US (Idaho) and many of the tractors have a single front wheel mounted in an inverted &quot;U&quot;.<br />
Very nice toys. Congratulations.<br />
&nbsp;Thank you, Osvaldo.

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