Wooden Fingerboards


Introduction: Wooden Fingerboards

My friend and I were bored in woodshop so we came up with these to play with.

Step 1: Get the Shape

Trace out a small skateboard shape onto some thim wood( the thinner the better). You can also trim down thicker wood and use it instead. Now cut out the board using a scroll saw.

Step 2: Add Some "Wheels"

Cut two pices of doweling to the length of the board. Glue them on and leaving them in a vice for 20 minutes or so

Step 3: Add Some Grip

Trace your board onto a piece of dark sandpaper then cut it out and glue it on top. You can also use Hockey tape

Step 4: Curve the Edges

This is an optional step that only works if you have a thick board. Sand up the bottom edges so that they look more skateboard-like.

Step 5: You're Done

Now your finished and you can use your board. Use them as you would any normal fingerboard( Such as the truly awsome ones made by Themanmatt13).



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    hb actual grip tape

    Those are very nice. I can actually use them under my hands or fingers when I am sliding along with a power tool or tig torch along a board or work while needing to slide my hand without friction.

    Just hope you get some work soon so you don't have to finger board all day. Be careful and don't skin a knuckle by falling off.

     easy but cool

    cool but how do the wheels spin

    dude go on youtube and type how to make a wooden fingerboard you will get way better stuff and the techdeck trucks wil fit your wooden fingerboard

    2 replies

    I know that there are better ones out there but these I made in my woodshop class in about minutes. They' re not supposed to be perfect, just easy to make and usable.

    ohhh k what grade did you get on that for wood shop. didnt mean to make fun of it

    O, i thout u ment wer he sayes trim!

    No, He Said It Right!

    Cool Instructable. Fix the word "thim" to "thin.

    OMG i give my freind bamboo wood all the time... (wtf?)

    6 replies

    Its made of BAOBOB wood. Not Bamboo

    What the heck is Baobob wood?

    Baobob wood is from the baobob tree that grows in africa. it is commonly eaten by elephants. They are really big.


    the tree or the elephant? lol

    LMAO! u said "they are eaten by elephants, they are really big"

    I have always wanted to make one of these. Nice!