Introduction: Wooden Frog-- Hi Dear, Remember to Smile When Working!

Picture of Wooden Frog-- Hi Dear, Remember to Smile When Working!

Hi dear, I hope that you can always smile even when you are working! So I design this wooden frog for you. And happy holiday! The wooden frog toy is mainly made of walnut wood. It consists of 3 parts, legs, body and mouth. Because the toy is designed for children, I decide to make the frog toy in a small size. The thickness of the whole frog is 2.125” and the overall length is 6.5”. The body is composed of three pieces of wood and each piece is about 0.7” in width. Those pieces of wooden frog toy are made in a series processes. The following drawing is the wooden frog toy I designed and it shows all the parts I need for the wooden frog toy.

Step 1: Do Drawings

Picture of Do Drawings

In the process of making the wood toy, many types of machine are used for making the toy. The illustrator shows mechanical structures of mouth and legs. First, according to the printed illustrator drawings, the pattern of each piece is drawn on the wood for cutting. Then the band saw machine is used for cutting the piece of each part of the frog. The pieces can be made larger than the actual size because they have to be sanded later. The diagram shows the overview of doing wooden frog.

Step 2: Cutting Parts and Drilling Holes

Picture of Cutting Parts and Drilling Holes

The next step is making several holes on wood with the drill press machine. Different sizes of the holes can be made easily through different drill bits. With these holes, the body parts can be connected together with a long stick. The size of the hole of the frog’s hind legs is 47/64” and the holes on body part are used with the same size.

What’s more the forstner bits are also used in this process. In order to make the wheels inside the body part, I drilled four holes with forstner bits, two in the front of the body and two on the back. With the holes, the wheels can be hidden in the frog’s body, and it looks much better than what it used to be. With the rear wheels on each side, the frog can move forward.

Step 3: Making Frog's Mouth

Picture of Making Frog's Mouth

The next thing is making the parts of the front of the frog. The mouth is connected with the front wheels as design drawings. The mouth is divided into three parts, one in the middle and the other two on each side. The middle part is frog's tongue. The thickness of each wooden part is 0.7” and the length is 2”. The two side wooden parts of mouth are connected with the frog’s body by a circle in order that the connection between the frog’s mouth and body can be as natural as possible. On the side of the mouth, there is a half ball on each side, and the diameter is 1”. The half ball covers the circle a little bit in order that it can cover the gap between the circle of the mouth and the body part. The two half balls are connected by a stick inside of the frog’s body, so the stick can be used as a lever, which can connect the mouth the front wheel easily. With this mechanical principles used, the mouth will be open and close when the wheels begin to rotate. The wheels and frog’s body are connected with sticks by holes as well.

Step 4: Almost Done!

Picture of Almost Done!

In addition to the process of the mechanical parts, the finishing process is also important. The sanding machine can be used to make the surface smoother than before. It can also be used for removing the unused edges of each part. With the sanding machine, the wooden parts of the frog are smoother than what I expected. After using the glue to connect each part, I used the Danish Oil on surface in order to make the wood of the surface brighter. Then, it is done! 

When the frog move on the ground, its legs are moving, and at the same time it is smiling! 


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Really good

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Its interesting

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Its phenomenal :)

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Its interesting :)

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Its astounding

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Thats incredible

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Its really good

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Thats ideal...

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Its beneficial

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Mariska Botha (author)2013-09-04

This is so cute.

BunnyRoger (author)2013-09-03

Beautiful and well made!

Amanda Culbert (author)2013-09-02

Very cute, love frogs, such a nice kids toy.

MAApleton (author)2013-08-29

That is so cute, thank you for sharing.

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karossii (author)2013-01-25

I like it, will have to make one for my wife, who is a lover of frogs! Do you have any drawings you would be willing to share, specifically the AI file mentioned for the CNC machine?

Also, in that picture, several of the steps listed seem to be for an assembly line style work... why is that? Just curious, seems a bit... off, lol.

CindyLele (author)karossii2013-01-25

Hi, actually I tried to cut wood by CNC machine, but I did not find one. So I cut body parts with band saw and sanded it, so I did not use drawings for CNC machine. I just printed drawings and glued separate parts on wood. I then cut with band saw. With band saw, the small parts are really hard to be done by hand, so I just bought small parts existing like wheels and sticks in the Hobby Lobby. Sorry for making you confused! I made it for my boyfriend and he likes it! I hope you can make it for your wife!

I am not sure that I still have those drawings, but I will try to find them and make the process more clearly.

karossii (author)CindyLele2013-01-25

Thanks! I would appreciate it; I can probably come up with my own variant given time... but if the drawings exist... it would be a great time saver!

CindyLele (author)karossii2013-01-28

Hi, I tried to find drawings on that computer, but I did not find it. My friend deleted it I think. I'm sorry about that. Maybe you have to draw it by yourself. I only drew the shape of body and legs. I hope that I can help you more. Sorry and Good luck!!!!

giovannire (author)2013-01-26

I love it!

CindyLele (author)giovannire2013-01-28

Thanks!! haha

jessyratfink (author)2013-01-24

This is so so cute! Excellent job. :D

CindyLele (author)jessyratfink2013-01-25

Thanks!!! :))))

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