Hi dear, I hope that you can always smile even when you are working! So I design this wooden frog for you. And happy holiday! The wooden frog toy is mainly made of walnut wood. It consists of 3 parts, legs, body and mouth. Because the toy is designed for children, I decide to make the frog toy in a small size. The thickness of the whole frog is 2.125” and the overall length is 6.5”. The body is composed of three pieces of wood and each piece is about 0.7” in width. Those pieces of wooden frog toy are made in a series processes. The following drawing is the wooden frog toy I designed and it shows all the parts I need for the wooden frog toy.

Step 1: Do drawings

In the process of making the wood toy, many types of machine are used for making the toy. The illustrator shows mechanical structures of mouth and legs. First, according to the printed illustrator drawings, the pattern of each piece is drawn on the wood for cutting. Then the band saw machine is used for cutting the piece of each part of the frog. The pieces can be made larger than the actual size because they have to be sanded later. The diagram shows the overview of doing wooden frog.
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