Step 2: Box + Plastic = Love

Cut a long stripe of plastic and staple it on the inside faces of the box.

Then cut another piece of plastic to cover the bottom.

This will prevent the soil from escaping and will also protect the wood from rotting by getting in contact with water and humidity.
This is so great! My family ( I'm 12) is moving out of our current apartment into a much bigger HOUSE so I wanted to start my own garden. This planter is so easy and doesn't even break my budget (yes, I promised to do everything except drive to the store)! Thankyou for posting this!!
You're welcome. Good luck growing your own garden!! :)
That is a nice practical planter. It's good you shared it's secrets with us ;)
That is a super fantastic reuse. They look very happy! I wish I had a balcony to plant cacti on. :D
Woo! Thanks :)

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